Updating Email & Password

To update and/or change any Personal Information within your Account, please follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your Artist/Studio Account.


    2. Click the "Account" tab in your Artist/Studio dashboard.

    3. Click the blue "Open" link to the right of the "Personal Information" section.

    4. From here, you may confirm and/or modify your Personal Information within your account. This includes updating your:

  • E-mail
  • Password

* Note that changing your password on iWantClips will also update your password on iWantFanClub

    5. Once you have updated your personal information, click the pink "Save" button to update your changes.

Creating a Secure Password

All Artists are responsible for creating strong passwords and protecting their login information from unauthorized persons.

* Please understand that IWC is not responsible for hacked accounts, as the site provides resources and adequate means to protect your account.


** Note that iWantClips representatives will never ask an Artist or Member to directly share their password.

Password Guidelines:

For account security, we recommend Artists create a secure password of at least 10 characters, in a random sequence, that includes the following:

*Note that we have a site minimum of 8 characters for your password

  • At least 1 lowercase letter
    *Examples: abcde 
  • At least 1 capital letter
    *Examples: ABCDE 
  • At least 1 number
    *Examples: 12345 
  • At least 1 special character
    *Examples: !@#$%^() 

*Example passwords:

  • bQhuek4u%2!3u$)
  • sdfiuhG69h35^8#$
  • O4Qmnnf5u&$(nd7%
    *Note: The above passwords are examples only and, due to this, should not actually be used as your password. 

In addition, we recommend Artists create a password that avoids the following practices:

  • Avoid the use of consecutive letters or numbers on the keyboard.
    • Examples of consecutive characters to avoid:
      • 123456
      • qwerty
      • asdfgh

  • Avoid the use of dictionary words that form dictionary sentences
    • Examples:
      • Ilovepr3ttyducks
      • Imsoc00l
      • Prettyl1ttleli@r
  • Avoid swapping characters with numbers. 
    • Examples:
      • p@$$w0rd
      • $3xy
      • }{ack3r
      • @maz1ng

  • Avoid including public or personal information in your passwords. 
    • Example: 
      • Phrases or numbers that relate to your name, age, birthday, home/work address, zodiac sign, etc.

Finally, we recommend Artists follow these password guidelines to increase their account security:

  • Do not share your password or account with anyone else.
    *Artists that have an "administrative assistant" that share their account information, do so at their own risk. We do not assume the risk for these types of account access.

    **Artists may not access a Member’s iWantClips account for any reason, even if the Member consents and provides the Artist with their account login information. This includes accessing a Member’s iWantClips account as part of a "TeamViewer" session, sessions that enable the Artist to take control of another user’s computer device and/or account. This is prohibited on iWantClips and all associated platforms.
  • Use a unique password that is not used for any other account.
    *For example, do not use the same password for both your IWC account and your email account.
  • Do not log into IWC on a computer you don’t control.
  • Do not log into IWC on an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.

If it appears that an unauthorized person has logged into your account, please do the following:

  • Immediately reset your password by doing the following:
    1. Sign into your profile and click on the Account tab.

    2. Click on Personal Information.

    3. Change your password to a unique and secure password.

    4. Click Save to confirm your changes.

If you are concerned or have any questions regarding safety and security on iWantClips, please reach out to us at any time: Support@iWantClips.com

Thank you so much!