Within Blocking, you are able to prevent customers and locations from accessing your store.

You may block by:

  • Customer username
  • E-mail Address
  • IP Address
  • Location
  • Zip Code

When you create a block, you may prevent the following features from being used:

  • Viewing iWantClips Store and Purchasing Content
  • Viewing iWantCustomClips Store and Purchasing Content
  • Viewing iWantPhone Store and Making Calls
  • Leaving Tips/Tributes
  • Sending Messages through Message Center

How to add a blocking rule:

1. After logged into your Artist Account, click on 'Blocking'.


2. Click on '+ Add Rule'.

3. Click on the drop-down menu and select the parameter you wish to add and enter the information in the fields that open up:

  • A Fan
  • An Email
  • An IP Address
  • A Location
  • A Zip Code

4. Select the checkboxes for each feature you wish to block for the rule:

5. Click 'Create Rule'.

We are proud of our zero-tolerance policy against harassment of any of our Artists. If any member has harassed you, on or off our platform, please contact us with screenshots so we can take immediate action. 

Additionally, if you ever need any help with Blocking, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time: Support@iWantClips.com

Thank you so much!