Within the "Payouts" Tab, you will be able to find all pertinent information related to your payouts:

Payout Period: 

  • This is the frequency that your payouts occur.
  • You may choose between Daily, Bi-Monthly or Monthly.

Current Payout:

This shows the amount of gross earnings you've accumulated for the current payout period.

This section will also confirm:

  • Whether or not you are eligible for payout

  • Your process Date

  • Your Payment Method


This shows a breakdown for your store's earnings for the current pay period with the following categories:

  • Tips/Tributes
  • Content
  • Pay-to-View Messages
  • Custom Clips
  • Phone
  • Additions/Bonuses
  • iWantFanClub Earnings
  • Total

You may also view your Earnings Report within this section.

Revenue Share:

This section confirms your Revenue Share Percentages


This section shows a summary of your payouts, including:

  • Payout Amount
  • Earnings End Date
  • Process Date
    * If your payout has yet to process, the Process Date will be blank.
    * If your payout is in the middle of processing the "Process Date" will show a clock icon.

You may also View All Payouts within this section.

Please note that all payouts should be expected 2-6 Business Days from the Process Date.


More information about our Payout Policies is available on our Payout Policy Page.

If you have any questions regarding Payouts, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time: Support@iWantClips.com

Thank you so much!