Using an SFTP client to upload via SFTP allows you to upload multiple files at once to the iWantClips platform.

To upload using an SFTP client, please follow these steps:


    1. Within "Sell Items", click to Add a Video, Picture, or PDF/Doc/Audio.

    2. Connect to your SFTP client using your SFTP Credentials*

        *We recommend FileZilla. Please see below.

    3. Select the file you would like to upload.

After the file has been uploaded, you will then need to provide the content information for the content to be put up for sale on your store.


FileZilla SFTP Tutorial

Download and Install an SFTP Client:
An easy to use and free SFTP Client is FileZilla. FileZilla is compatible with Windows (32 bit and 64 bit), Linux, and Mac OS X. Note that FileZilla Pro is not required to upload to iWantClips.

Follow the installation instructions and once installation is done, this is what the program will look like when opened:


Logging in to FileZilla:
You will need to log in to your iWantClips store and then navigate to “Sell Items”. On the right side you will see a blue link that says SFTP:


Once you click on SFTP, it will open a new box with the information that is needed for entry on FileZilla:

Enter in all your information:

    1. sftp://<host>  (Remove <host> and enter your Host ID)

    2. Username

    3. Password

    4. Port Number 2022

Click Quickconnect. Once you have logged in for the first time, you don’t have to enter in this information again. Just click the down arrow next to Quickconnect and select your iWantClips host.

You may or may not receive an “Unknown Certificate” popup. You can click the “Always trust certificate in future sessions” checkbox and then click, “OK”.

Uploading via SFTP:
Once the FileZilla client connects to iWantClips, you are able to upload your files. Simply, drag and drop your files into the FileZilla window as shown below:

Your file will begin uploading once it is added to the FileZilla window. FileZilla by default allows 2 simultaneous uploads at once. The upload progress will be shown in the bottom section of FileZilla. An example file upload is shown below.:


Keep in mind that there is a storage limit, and if you go over this limit, the file will not save. Files will remain on your SFTP host for 90 days before they automatically get deleted.

Creating Your Clip Listing:
Creating a clip listing from an SFTP upload follows the same procedure as an upload using your browser with the exception of the “Upload Video” line. Instead of choosing browse, like you normally would, select the blue link labeled “Choose FTP File.” The files you uploaded should appear in the popup for selection. See below for an example:


Select the file that you wish to use and complete the remaining steps for your listing as you normally would. 

If you have questions regarding uploading content, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime:

Thank you so much!