Signing Up

1. Click here to sign up as an Artist on iWantClips
Or, click the "Join Free" button in the upper right hand corner of


2. Select between an Artist Account or Studio Account.
* A Studio account is best if you plan on creating multiple Stores and/or manage the payment of other Models/Artists.
* An Artist account is best if you plan on only operating from a single store.

3. After filling out the initial application, you will then need to:

  • Submit a Government Issued ID
    *This is for age verification purposes only and is always kept private and secure.
  • E-sign the Store Operator Agreement

4. Upload 5 pieces of content. This can be any content, such as clips, audios and/or photos.

By following these steps, your account will be approved and live on the site! Usually, this process takes less than 24 hours.

Valid Forms of ID

A valid form of ID needs to be Government-issued as well as contain a photograph. Examples of this include:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • State or Government Employee ID 
  • Military ID
  • Alternative Driver's License (Commercial, Chauffeur, etc.)

Choosing a Password

All Artists are responsible for:

  • Choosing strong passwords
  • Protecting their login information from unauthorized persons

* Please understand that we are not responsible for hacked accounts, as the site provides resources and adequate means to protect your account.


** Note that iWantClips representatives will never ask an Artist or Member to directly share their password over an e-mail or chat.

Artist Password Guidelines:

All passwords must include the following:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one letter
  • At least one capital letter
  • At least one number

*Your password must be unique. It cannot be a password used for anything else.

Password Policies:

  • Artists must never share their passwords with anyone else. 

  • Take steps to avoid phishing scams, as this is the most common form of security exploit online, as well as other attempts by hackers to steal passwords and other sensitive information. 

  • Artists that have an "administrative assistant", that share their account information, do so at their own risk. We do not assume the risk for these types of account access. 

  • Refrain from writing passwords down, for increased security. 

  • If the security of a password is in doubt (for example, if it appears that an unauthorized person has logged in to an account) the password must be changed immediately by using the password reset on the homepage of the site. 

    Click "Sign-In" ---> Forgot Password". 

    Communicate the situation to Customer Experience staff by emailing "" with a detailed report of what occurred. 

  • Artists may not participate in any form of "TeamViewer" applications, or sessions that enable another outside user to take control of their computer device and/or account. This is prohibited on the iWantClips and all associated platforms.

Requirements for Your Store to Go Live

In order for Your store to appear live on the site, you must do the following:

  • Upload 5 pieces of content. This can be any content, such as clips, audios and/or photos.

  • Upload a Profile and Featured photo under the "Account" section of the Artist Dashboard.  

We very much look forward to working with you! If you need help or support during the sign-up process, please reach out to us anytime:

Thank you so much!