First, navigate to your "Account Settings" page inside of the drop-down menu. From this page, you will be provided the opportunity to manage all settings related to your iWantFanClub account. 

In order for your profile to become active, you will need to complete all of the information on the Personal Information page as well as connect to your personal Twitter account.

There will be a Profile Setup Progress box that will detail the progress of your account set up as well as inform you what has not yet been completed.

Personal Information

1. Upload your Profile Photo.
This will be public on the platform.

2. Upload your Timeline Photo.
This will be displayed at the top of your profile.

3. Select the categories that you would like your new profile displayed under.  
You may select up to 2 categories.

4. Complete your Personal Information section.
This section always remains secure and private.

5. Complete the About Me section.

Subscription Settings

This area will allow you to:

  • View your current subscriber count
  • View your new subscribers gained in the previous month.
  • Set or Edit your Subscription prices*
    *See below
  • View your Active Subscribers


*Setting your Subscription Prices:

To set your subscription price, click the "Edit Price" button. 

Then, check the box for each subscription length you wish to offer. 

Set the price per month you wish to charge your fans, for the associated subscription duration. 

Transactions Information

This page will allow you to see details of each transaction on iWantFanClub that includes:

  • Transaction ID
  • Dollar Amount
  • Transaction Type
    * Subscription, Tip, etc.
  • Fan Username
  • Date and Time of Purchase

Earnings Information

This page will allow you to see all of the information related to your payouts, including the Payout Total as well as the Commission Rates you are earning on the platform.

Your earnings are broken down by:

  • Subscription Earnings
  • Pay-to-View Message Earnings
  • Tip/Tribute Earnings

Twitter Settings

This page will allow you to set up and control your Twitter notifications settings for your iWantFanClub account. 

From this page you can set auto-tweets for:

  • Receiving a tip/tribute
  • Receiving a new subscriber

To connect your Twitter account to iWantFanClub:

1. Click the "Connect Twitter Account" button. 

2. Provide your Twitter login details and authorize the App.


If you have questions or need assistance on anything iWantFanClub, we are here to help! Please reach out to us anytime:

Thank you so much!