Default Delivery Time

The default delivery time for orders is 28 days.

Delivery Date Options

You have the option of offering expedited delivery for your customers:

  • 14-day delivery
  • 7-day delivery
  • 72hr delivery
  • 48hr delivery
  • 24hr delivery

You can customize your price for each expedited delivery option, in the amount of your choosing.

Delivery Date Reminders

We have built in a Delivery Date Reminder that will notify you prior to the deadline of a custom clip order. This reminder will is found within "Customs" -> "Custom Clip Settings" -> "More Settings" on your iWantClips Artist Dashboard.

The reminder will notify you via email 1, 2, or 3 days (you choose) prior to your custom clip's order delivery deadline.

Delivery Date Extension Requests

We have an option to request a delivery date extension from your customer, in the event something unexpected has happened and you need a few more days. After you receive the delivery reminder, you have the option inside that clip order's details to request between 1-7 additional days time to deliver the video to your customer.

The customer will have the option of approving or declining this request.

*Please note, the delivery date extension option is only available for Custom Clips with an original delivery date of less than 4 weeks. 


If you have any questions regarding Custom Clips, please reach out to us anytime at

Thank you so much!