The "Phone" tab of your Artist dashboard houses your primary controls of your iWantPhone account.



To access your iWantPhone dashboard click on "Phone" within your iWantClips Artist Dashboard.

Phone Line Status:

Here, you are able to quickly toggle your line On or Off.
*Or, alternatively you may send a text "on" or "off" to +18182104933 from your mobile device to manage your phone status!


My Phone Numbers: 

This section confirms the phone number in which you will receive calls. 


Call History:

Your Call History gives you a detailed interface of the calls you have completed with your customers. This includes:

  • Call ID #
  • Customer Username
  • Line that was Called
  • Category of the Line that was Called
  • Length of the Call
  • Who Ended the call (You or the customer)
  • Date and Time
  • Connection Rate
  • Total Earnings

You may also view your:

  • Full Call History
  • Transactions


Your Settings Tab, within your iWantPhone account, houses all your controls to all of your Phone Settings. Below, you will find a breakdown of each primary control for your Phone Settings:


To access your iWantPhone settings click the "Settings" button, in the upper, right-hand corner. 


My Phone Listings:

Your Phone Listings includes the details of each your phone lines. This includes your phone line's:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Rate
  • Description
  • Fan Rating
  • Status (Whether or Phone Line is On or Off)
  • Actions (Edit or Delete)


My Phone Numbers:

This section controls the phone numbers on your iWantPhone account.

In this section, you may:

  • Add a Phone Number
  • Set a Phone Number to Default
  • Disable SMS on a Phone Number
  • Delete a Phone Number


About Me & Attributes: 

Your About Me section will house your bio, describing yourself and phone sex style. This is what Customers see on your listing.

The Attributes section allows you to list your attributes, for Customers to see on your iWantPhone profile.

Attributes include your:

  • Gender
  • Available To
  • Age Group
  • Race
  • Hair Color
  • Body
  • Eye Color
  • Bust
  • Languages 
  • Accents


My Voice Sample:

This section allows you to:

Add a Voice Sample

Set a Voice Sample as Default

Delete a Voice Sample

Your default voice sample is what customers have access to, on your iWantPhone profile.


Twitter Notifications:

iWantPhone can tweet automatically, on your behalf. Auto-tweets include tweeting wehn:

  • You are available to take calls
  • You are no longer available to take calls
  • When you are on a call
  • When you come back from a call


To view your iWantPhone Storefront page click on the "View Store" button in the upper, right-hand corner.  

From here, you can see how your iWantPhone Storefront looks, live on the site.

Your iWantPhone page includes:

  • Call Now Button
  • Order Custom Clip Button
  • Buy Clips Button
  • Your "About Me" on iWantPhone
  • Default Sample of your Voice
  • Your Attributes
  • Your Phone Listings, their details and a "Call Now" button for each listing


We have made it a priority to ensure you are able to easily and quickly block any Member from calling you on iWantPhone.

To block a Member from calling you click on "Block fan" in the upper, right-hand corner. 

Enter the member's username and click "Block Member".

If you ever have questions about iWantPhone, we are here to help! Please reach out to us anytime at

Thank you so much!