Content that is Not Allowed

The following types of content are not allowed anywhere on our platforms:

  • No presence of bodily excretions. Bodily excretions including feces, menstruation, and/or vomit cannot appear in any content on our platform. Urination is allowed with the following exceptions: A performer cannot urinate on another person, nor can a performer consume urine (even if consuming urine is implied or simulated). Fantasy-talk about toilet fetish (no bodily secretions present) is allowed for all types of bodily excretions.

  • No Non-Consensual Activity, including sleeping and intoxication. No situation in which one or more participants appear to not be able to render consent, or are being forced, can appear on our platform. This includes sleeping as well as being unconscious, limp, a performer’s eyes being closed, intoxication with alcohol (including bottles/cans of alcohol), drugs, chemicals or any other substance that is able to cause someone to not be able to render full consent. This also includes any use of force.
  • No presence of blood (real or fake). Blood (real or fake) can not appear in any content on our platform. This includes Vampire fetishes/fantasies.

  • No content displaying real harm and/or extreme violence. Real harm and/or extreme violence (or giving the appearance of) towards any performer can not appear on our platform (fantasy harm is okay). This includes suicide encouragement and/or fantasies, as well as murder encouragement and/or fantasies. This also includes acting out and/or describing a murder.

  • No presence of weapons. Weapons may not be directed at or used on another person in any content on our platform.

  • No inflicting harm with tools or objects. Tools or objects may not be used in any content on our platform, if they are conflicting real and potentially lasting physical injury (or giving the appearance of), to any person.

  • No bestiality. Bestiality of any kind is not allowed on our platform.

  • No animals or animal-like dildos. Animals are not allowed in any content on our platform. This includes animals that may appear in the background of any content, as well as any animal or non-humanoid/animal-like dildos and/or fantasies.

  • No rape or non-consensual sex. No real, implied, animated or live-action content containing rape or force can appear on our platform. This includes all cases of being forced or coerced into any sexual activity against anyone’s will, or without any person’s knowledge.

  • No Incest Relationships. No incestual blood relationships are allowed in any content on our platform, even in an Incest Fantasy scenario. Step-relations or in-law relations for Incest Fantasy must always be used.

  • No kidnapping or abduction. Kidnapping or abduction is not allowed in any content on our platform.

  • No underage material. No real, implied, animated or live-action scenarios containing or suggesting that one or more of the participants are under 18 years of age, regardless of actual age, in any situation in any content can appear on our platform. This includes child-like dolls or implying in any way that a performer is under the age of 18.

  • No bondage, with vaginal or anal penetration, when all 4 limbs are bound. Bondage where all 4 limbs are bound, with penetration of the bound individual, is not allowed in any content on our platform.

  • No choking or suffocation. Choking and suffocation are not allowed on our platform. This includes the alteration of someone’s breathing, including, but not limited to, choking, suffocation, strangling, etc.

  • No poppers content. Content containing poppers is not allowed. However, content with the use of aromas are allowed. 

  • No necrophilia. Necrophilia of any kind, real or fake, is not allowed on our platform.

  • No racial humiliation, racial slurs or symbols. Racial humiliation, racial slurs or racial symbols can not appear in any content on our platform, even within a fantasy and/or fetish scenario.

  • No religious defacing, destruction or humiliation. This includes any religion, religious idol or religious book. Any content in which a religion or religious materials are being desecrated or the viewer is being instructed to desecrate said materials is not allowed on the site. 

  • No public locations. Content may not be created in locations that are public. Outdoor locations are okay, as long as they are completely private (non-public), and do not contain non-Artists in the background.

  • No trap or reverse trap content. Trap, or reverse trap, content, within a transgender context, is not allowed on our platform.

  • No excessive/violent fisting. Fisting is allowed on the site so long as it is not excessive or violent. The alternate spelling “fissting” should be used for this content.

  • No fraud. Fraud of any kind is not allowed on our platform, which includes deceiving or any misrepresentation of content.

  • No crushing of any living creature or once-living creature. The crushing of any living creature, or once-living creature, is not allowed on our platform. This includes the crushing of all living creatures, or once-living creatures, to include animals, fish, and insects, including but not limited to crabs, lobsters, cockroaches, spiders, lizards, ants and all other living or once-living creatures.

  • No disobeying local laws. All content an Artist sells must comply with their location’s laws and restrictions, to include country, state, city, etc.

  • No solicitation. No content that uses the platform for any commercial solicitation purposes, including soliciting any users or performers for similar services and/or websites, or for prostitution can appear on our platform.

  • No real-time meet-ups or in-person sessions. The site cannot be used to facilitate any meetings, meet-ups, sessions or any other meeting that happens in person, directly or indirectly. This includes using the site to collect payment for meet-ups. Doing so can result in account termination.

  • No bypassing banned word filters. Bypassing banned words by modifying them in any way, such as the use of numbers, spaces, miss-spelling or special characters (some examples: “b@nn3d \/\/0rd” “b a n n e d w o r d”, “ban.ned w0r.d”, etc), are not allowed on the platform and can result in account termination.

  • No selling worn panties. The selling of worn panties on the site is not allowed.  

** Please keep in mind the following:

  • This list includes content items that are not allowed, which includes content that implies or simulates any of the above themes, even if the intention is to be a fantasy &/or a joke.

  • Content disclaimers do not make content valid or acceptable on otherwise invalid or unacceptable content.

Please also keep in mind that certain words are not allowed to be used.

Important note from the iWantClips Team

Please note that we believe in giving Artists as much freedom for creativity and expression as possible. Please know that we do our best to ensure Artists can do just that and these are only the rules we must enforce by Visa/MasterCard.

If you are concerned that your content may not be allowed, please contact us at, as often times it’s just the case of needing to use a different term or your content may still be applicable given the circumstances of a fantasy context. We are happy to clarify things for you.