Archived Content FAQ

As part of our continued efforts to curate the content on iWantClips to create the best possible user experience for our community, unsuccessful content items will be archived on a monthly basis.

Unsuccessful content items are those that match both of the following criteria:

  • An item that has been published to an iWantClips store for 12 months or longer
  • An item that has received 0 sales since its original publish date

Note: Items that have received at least 1 sale at any point in their lifetime will remain live on the site for sale.

Any unsuccessful content on the site will be moved to the "Archived Content" section of the Artist Dashboard.

Artists will receive an email notification on the first of each month alerting them if any listings have been archived that month. An Artist who does not have identified items pending archive in a given month will not receive this email.

Pending Archive Status

When an unsuccessful listing is sent to the "Archived Content" section, it will be removed from the Artist's "Sell Items" page and will first go into "Pending Archive" status. These items will remain in pending archive status for 14 days. During this time, Artists will be able to review the descriptions for these listings and download all associated files.

Archived Status

After 14 days, all pending archive listings will have their status changed to "Archived". Listings that are archived will be permanently removed from iWantClips and the associated files will no longer be available for the Artist to download.

New Stores

New Artists (ie: Stores that are 1 year old or less), will have 24 months to sell content at least once before it could be archived. 

If you have questions regarding archived content we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time: