Performer Profiles

To fully comply with age verification and consent requirements, all accounts are required to create "Performer Profiles" for any additional performer(s) appearing within content uploaded to our site. 

An additional performer is any person appearing within content that is not the verified account owner. This Performer Profile process is required even if the face of the additional performer(s) is cut off, blurred, or not shown.

*Note - Studio account owners will create/manage the Performer Profiles for all Sub-Stores created within the Studio account. 

Steps to Create Performer Profiles:

  1. Click on the "Performer Profiles" tab located on the Artist Dashboard.

  2. Click on the "+Create Profile" button.

  3. Enter the performer's Stage Name then select the "Click Here" button to complete the required Featured Performer Profile Agreement and attach the performer's government-issued photo ID.

    *Note - The Featured Performer Profile Agreement is meant to be completed by the iWantClips account owner and not the additional performer. 
  4. Once the Featured Performer Profile Agreement has been completed, return to the "Performer Profiles" page and click the "Submit" button to submit the Performer Profile for review. The green check mark will appear confirming the document has been completed. If the "Submit" button is not clicked, the Performer Profile will not be saved. 

  5. When the Performer Profile is approved, the account owner will then be able to tag that additional performer in newly uploaded content by selecting the "Add Non-IWC Performer" button.  

Need additional assistance regarding the Performer Profile creation process? Please email our Support Team at