The default delivery time for a custom clip order is 28 days.

Models do have the option of offering Express Delivery, which is anywhere from 14 days to 24 hours, but most times there will be an additional fee the Model charges for express delivery.

* We highly recommend ensuring the due date you'd like is selected on the Custom Clip Ordering Form. For example, it is unreasonable to expect and/or demand a Model to deliver a Custom Clip to you in a certain time frame, if this time frame was not selected by you, on the original Custom Clip ordering form.

A model has up to the due date you selected on the Custom Clip Ordering form, to deliver the custom clip to you.

Additional Delivery Time Requests from Models

When a Model requests additional time, this means a Model is planning on completing your custom clip order, but needs more time to deliver your custom clip to you. The Model has a one-time ability to request between 1-7 additional days to complete the order.

You, as the member, will have the option to accept or decline the request for additional time.

Notifications of Delivery & Updates

You will receive an e-mail and a site notification when the Model has uploaded your custom clip. At anytime there any changes or messages to the order, you will both be notified via e-mail and site notification.

Streaming/Downloading a Custom Clip

When a custom clip is delivered, it will be available for both streaming and downloading from the Custom Clip Orders in the Want Cloud page as well as from within your Custom Clip Purchase History.

If you have additional questions about Custom Clips, we are here to help! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time: