All content uploaded to iWantClips must comply with the following policies:

  • The content must be the Artist’s own, original work and has not been published on the site before.*

  • The content must comply with federal, state, local and international laws and regulations.

  • The content must not infringe on any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, or other intellectual property of other rights of any other person.

  • The content must not display any confidential information of any person, such as a phone number, last name or a street address.

  • The content must follow all of the Artist Agreement policies.

  • The content must not deceive any other person, nor contain any type of false advertising or deliberate mislabeling. In the cases of rip-off content, or any content containing elements of rip-off, content must be labeled using the "rip-off" category or "rip-off" keyword tag(s).

  • Tips/Tributes are received as gratuity only and should not be requested in exchange for specific goods or services. Promising to give any form of content or service available on other iWant platforms (such as a phone call or Custom Clip content) in exchange for Tips/Tributes is prohibited.

  • The content may include URLs to an Artist's personal website and/or social media accounts, and these URLs may also be included in an Artist's content description, provided that all URLs link back to iWantClips in a prominent way. Links to other iWant platforms (iWantPhone and iWantCustomClips) are also allowed. 

    Any links to competitor sites of iWantClips, iWantPhone or iWantCustomClips are NOT allowed in content or descriptions.

  • The content must not contain any Content that is not allowed.

*Content published to the site must be new: Content published on iWantClips must be new to the site, never having been uploaded to iWantClips before. Re-uploading content that has been previously published to iWantClips is strictly prohibited. The same content uploaded in a different resolution or file type, or the same content uploaded with an update of price, categories, keywords, or description does not make content qualify as new.

The practice of re-publishing content creates an environment that is not fair to other Artists, as it exploits both the home page of iWantClips and the category pages that are meant to be reserved for new and unique content only. This practice also causes confusion for customers who are browsing these pages in search of new and unique content.

If you have any questions about these policies, please reach out to us anytime at We are always happy to help.