Add Funds

Before you are able to purchase any content on iWantClips, you must first add funds to your account.

How to Add Funds to your Member Account with Credit/Debit Card

1. Click the blue drop-down box in the upper-right of the page that contains your username.

2. Select "Add Funds".

3. Select how much you'd like to add:

  • There are pre-determined amounts of: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000

  • Or, you may choose your own amount, as long as it's above a $10 minimum.

4. Enter in your payment information. This includes:

  • Credit Card Number

  • Expiration Month/Year

  • CCV

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Country

  • State

  • Address

  • City

  • Zip Code

  • Phone Number


5. Choose to save or not save your payment information to your account.

* If you choose to save your payment information, you will more quickly be able to add funds to your account in the future.


6. View your Order Summary which will show you:

  • Total of this Purchase/Transaction

  • How much Balance will Remain on your Account, after the Purchase/Transaction is finalized


7. Choose to have an e-mailed copy of your receipt sent to you or not.


8. Read and agree to the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Return Policy to finalize the transaction.

There is no limit on amount of times you may add funds.

* iWantClips enforces a strict No Refund policy. In the event of a refund being warranted, a 20% processing fee will be assessed.

My Account

Resetting Your Password

You are also able to reset your password. 

* Keep in mind that updating your password here, will also update your password on iWantFanClub.

You must follow these rules for resetting your password:

  • At least eight characters

  • At least one letter

  • At least one capital letter

  • At least one number

Make sure after all changes are made, click save.

Updating Email & Member Information

By clicking "My Account" in your Member Dashboard, you are able to change a few personal details about yourself including:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Country

  • Email

Want Cloud

We are pleased to offer all of our Members access to a personal "Want Cloud".

The Want Cloud is where all your purchased content is delivered and will allow you to stream or download your purchases at any time.


To access your Want Cloud:

1. Hover over your username in the upper, right-hand corner. This will bring up a drop-down menu.

2. Click on "Want Cloud". This will bring up the page with all of your purchased content. Here, you can stream and/or download your purchased content.


The default organization is by Model, but you can also sort your Want Cloud by:

  • Categories

  • All Clips

  • Social IDs

  • My Wishlist

  • Custom Clip Orders

*Even if a Model deletes their store, your purchases from them will still be located in your Want Cloud for viewing.

My Wishlist

The "My Wishlist" page allows you to view content that you have added for purchase at a later date.

My Favorites

The "My Favorites" page allows you to view Artists that you like and want to follow. This allows you to easily find and purchase the content you enjoy! You can also subscribe to e-mail alerts for when the Artist releases new content.

My Messages

The "My Messages" page allows you to access all of your incoming and outgoing messages from Artists.  

You have the ability to:

  • Compose your own Messages
  • Continue a Conversation by Replying
  • Access Pay-to-View Messages

My Transactions

Within the "My Transactions" page, you can view a record of all of your past transactions on our platform. Transactions are able to be sorted by either the name of the Model or the type of content purchased. 


Transaction information includes:

  • Transaction ID Number

  • Transaction Name

  • Date

  • Coupon Used

  • Amount

You can also change the amount of transactions that are displayed on each page.