AI Generated and Animated Content

AI generated and Animated content is required to follow and abide by all of our Terms of ServiceContent Publishing Guidelines, and Content That Is Not Allowed rules. The same guidelines/rules that apply to real human content also apply to AI/Animated content. 

Requirements for Uploading AI Generated/Animated Content:

  • Create a "Performer Profile" for the AI/Animated performer and ensure the performer's stage name begins with the words "AI" or "Animated". 

  • In the Featured Performer Profile Agreement, ensure the following 2 requirements are provided in the 2 attachment fields:
    1. A copy of the Terms of Service for the software/program that was used to create the AI/Animated performer. 

    2. A screenshot of the fully completed AI/Animated performer within the software/program that was used to create it.

Once the Performer Profile is created and the documentation is submitted correctly, the AI/Animated Performer Profile will then be approved and available to be tagged in newly uploaded content.

*Please note - All account owners are responsible for ensuring the software/program they are using to create their AI generated and Animated content actively allows for products created within the software to be redistributed and sold for commercial use.